American cyber-shopping company Amazon have decide to take action against thousands of peoples,who are selling books on his website by fake reviews.

The city of Washington, Seattle online shopping company Amazon registered a case. The company said that the wrong misleading and unsubstantiated reviews have damaged the reputation of their company.

These reviews post by sellers to increase the demand for their products by giving money to the post held.

There in only few sites left that offering honest product review and have true details of digital products.

Amazon earlier in April had claimed on several Web sites due to fake posted reviews.  Amazon says it has register his case against 1,114 peoples to arrested them.The company still does not know his real name so that ‘John dose’ is named of that’s peoples.

These peoples provide fake and illegal reviews and comments by web site ‘’ only in five dollars.

On Friday amazon have filed a complaint on behalf of and said that these peoples are few in numbers but due to fake reviews and  comments, users and large scale to sell their products on Amazon are getting loss and they are very important to make the reliability of Amazon’s reputation and it is getting worse.

According to Amazon, he researched the matter in which they know that, the fear of being caught with fake post & reviews different and unique IP address used by John dose.

The purpose of this complaint is not target to ‘fiverr‘ as said by amazon.

fiverr also cooperate with Amazon is trying to solved this problem.

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