Recently Google Announced Domain registration service with the name of “Google Domains”. In the past Google support third party services ENOM and Godaddy for business, but now Goggle offer own domain name service. Now you are able to register domain names by Google.

A advantage of buying domain name from Google, “You will not verify your domain ownership and no need to take additional steps to activate mail, it’s all done by Google for you automatically!”. I have already write about how to create Branded Email Address using Google Apps.

Google Domains is beta test Announcement and offer $12/year which is same as others Domain Name provider companies and not bad deal so. Google Domains is on initial stage not fully featured yet, they test their services by receiving feedback of peoples. One question about privacy and security of data stored on the domain? Google has not yet released any privacy statement for “Google domains”.  Google trying to serve well and it will take time.

Google Domains Features

I have point outsome notable & major features of Google domains as domain registrar and list out:Google Domains Features

  • No Cost:Private registration will be free
  • 100 Branded Emails with Domain
  • 100 Customizable Sub-Domains with one Domain name
  • Domain Management Tool full set and simple to use
  • Fast, secure and reliable
  • Integration with top website builders with Drag & drop Features
  • Great Customer Support

How to Register a Domain Name With Google

Here I’h explained all steps to register a Domain name with Google after that your domain will officially register with Google

  1. Signup for Google up by Clicking here and putt all the information like your Name, Current Email, Country and phone number as shown in Snap Shot 1. After all Click to next.
  2. One the next page you select 2nd option that say “Buy a new domain name”. Choose valid Domain name and  appropriate domain type from the drop-down menu to the right of the domain field. There are 3-4 types available for Examples  “.com,” “.net,” “.org,” “.info,” . You can choose any one that fit your budget. You will also put correct address completely.

How to Purchase a Domain Name Through Google 2 part 1


  • How to Purchase a Domain Name Through Google After click to next button you will be redirect on Signup page on which you have to enter a new username and password. The username and password you enter will be used to manage your domain and Google Apps account after buying your domain.

How to Purchase a Domain Name Through Google


  • Now you are almost done. Next you will Verify that your billing information is correct, then click on “Continue.” button to move  forward.
  • After that select how to pay Google. Choose your payment type and enter your payment information. you can pay through either bank account, or by credit card.
  • Ahhhha! Final Step, Click on button that say “Submit and activate my account” after performing  previous step. Confirmation email will be send by Google Apps that provides you with details about your new domain, as well as information about how to access and manage your new domain.

I hope you have get idea understand as well. I will keep you updated about Google domains new services and news. If you are stuck at any step you can ask by me via comment and fell happy to giving answering. If this helped you or not let me know via Google plus, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. Stay Connected

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