In this short tutorial, I’ll guide you How to synchronize your iPhone to your PC or laptop. This is very easy to do that just you need perform 2,3 steps and game over just like a piece of cake hahaha. So let started.

  • Step 1: Install iTunes and open it.
  • Step2: Now you need to connect the data cable to your iphone. Once you finished that you need to connect the USB side of the data cable to PC or your laptop.
  • Step3: Connect the USB side of the data cable to your PC or Laptop.
  • Step4: Once you connect the both end of cable to computer and iPhone system’s task bar show the message that new device found and installing device driver software.
  • Step5: Once the driver is installed you can see the iPhone as digital camera under My Computer, all of your photographs you have taken are placed there. You can copy, cut or delete the photos.
  • Step6: If you open iTunes, under the device section you can find your device placed. You can give a name for the device as you desire.
  • Step7: After you select your device, you can find the tabs such as Summary, Info, Apps, Ringtones, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Photos.

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