Daily motion is a new competitor of you tube and a alternative method as well of make money with videos. It is consider a great platform to earn money online with your videos by uploading and getting view. Daily motion approximately 128 million monthly unique visitors and increasing day by day.

Today i will tech you how to make money with dailymotion videos with easiest way and give you tips and tricks as well. I ‘m here to teach you actual and secrets way to earn with dailymotion not for just review and bye, bye, so lets started to learn and keep consecrate.

How to make Money with Daily Motion in Urdu Step By Step

First thing, which I will want to teach you mostly action taker earn money online. lazy people & student always fail to earn money online. Why because they think either we make money or not? Guys when you not implement any think and jut think think……….. then what you can just think and nothing. You have dreams but you can not earn because you are  not on the right spot. So if you are lazy be active and follow the instruction and implement as well step by step.

DailyMotion Official & Publisher Accounts Merged now in Partner Account:

Many People ask by me by email also received messages on facebook where is dailymotion publisher and official accouts. So latest major comes in 2015 when daily motion remove publisher & official accounts.

DailyMotion publisher & official account are merged in new account called “Partner Account”. Now only one Partner Account available for video monetization. So before get started forget oudated guide because dailymotion official & publisher accounts bare closed now. DailyMotion(DM) has changed their monetization method & many other changes expected from DM. You may see many other guide on other blogs about DM official & publisher accounts but these information are outdated,the author should update the post. By the way we should also learn new way to earn form dailymotion in 2016.

How to earn By Daily motion Video Lecture

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We have try to cover all guideline to earn from dailymotion & will update this post time by time with new trick and tips. But if you found any difficulty to make money by dailymotion or you stuck at any stage while setup account, payment method video monetization, copyright issue on dailymotion, don’t hesitate and ask free by via gmail, comment below post, fackbook group or by phone. I have joined a group on Facebook, The author of the this facebook group is very nice person & very cooperative. The name of his guy is Ibrahem, nick name is IBS. He is working last 3 year s on dailymotion & Youtube and make very handsome salary every month. So you should join this group and learn by best experienced teacher & with 25000 members. Most of them earning lot by dailymotion so every one will help you specially by ibrahem bahi will definalty help you and answer you.

Here I’ve leaving a link of Facebook Group “YouTube Dailymotion Earning” Join for further help about Earning. Why I refer this group because because I want you get best resources, best teacher to learn new & updated things Free of cost. Click below button to Join Group…..

So guys don’t worry, I’m not leaving you alone. I will always ready to help any stage contact me by email(bloggingdoor@gmail) or by comment you can ask any question. You can make a call no problem at 03458750114. So Best of luck to earn money from dailymotion in 2016.

Step 1.

Go to Daily Motion and make an Account(Signup) with gmail account. (Prefer Gmail, great  security)

Step 2(Niche Ideas For Publishing Videos)

Select a niche and uploaded related videos. Now most of them will think which type of videos? I will suggest you to published Funny, Entertainment, Sports & latest Viral News.  Don’t go for uploading and publish training videos like Windows Tips Tricks, Web development Tuts, education related stuff because peoples come on dailymotion for entertainment not for learning.

Only 10% peoples search on dailymotion about learning something & most of them used DM just for fun. So never repeat this mistake if you want to get huge views on very video.

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