If you are a good content writer and loves to write articles then now matter it just like a game for you but what about those how stuck during writing post and struggling. Of course every one not good writer and may be his/her are expert in other job but blogging is not a easy task. You should have all of skills to run a successful blog.

A average Content Writer takes 4-6 dollar for 500-700 words  for you but today I’ll share you a technique and secret trick to get a free professional and good article for your blog. This technique I’ve using in the early time of blogging but honestly now I’m not use this trick reason is because I can write a 500 word article without any problem.

Most of the peoples not share this kind of Tips and Tricks but I’ve always trying to best post and teach, you because you have give your precious time to my blog.

So lets started. The tricks I’ll give you very simple and  most of the people  not aware it and they can get free articles with out paying any single penny.

Million Dollar Tricks:

Trick No 1:

You now YouTube.com? Of course you are now about it, Can you think youtube is a big source for your daily blog post. You just have a good listing ability and done. Thousands of  Blogging Tutorials available for educating and you just have convert audio to written form. Once you done after that you have a good looking and perfect English article for website. You can use head phone to make voice more audible. One thing more, always subscribe top 10 YouTube channels because they are professional and they educate very technical and slowly step by step you have more time to write down.

Trick No 2:

This trick is very technically so you should work smartly. Trust me you can get 5o to 100 tips which is very useful and legal. You can steal free content from Facebook comments which are plagiarism free and 100% original trust me. You think you have not seen such long comments Guys check blog posts on Facebook of professional bloggers you should found long comments, collects them and use those Free Tips and Tricks type comments in your post. liked top blog Facebook Pages to get free comments.

Trick N0 3:

Use Google.fr or Google.de instead of Google.com and get French and German contents on Google. After that translate them in to English language with Google Translator. You can use Zenmate Chrome extension for Proxy purpose.

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Plagiarism Free Contents:

You can use these techniques fairly without plagiarism issue because Google doesn’t Crawl/track Facebook Comments. After reading you can ask any question if you have any Confusion about plagiarisms and content duplication contents.

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