In this article you will collect profitable event Ideas. Why do you select a profitable event? Selecting a popular event is very important step in attaining the success.If the event which you select have chosen in not much popular then you may not gain any benefits by targeting it.


It is simple to understand if event is popular then may be huge number of people who might be searching some keywords related to  your event for example, if you targeting happy new year 2018 event then many peoples searching like: Happy new year 2018 wallpapers, Happy New year 2018 messages etc. Now this event got the highest priority in December 2015 and if you target and rank your blog before couple month then your blog will be received massive amount of traffic on event day. In others and simple word selecting a popular event is very very important.

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How to Select a Popular Event That is Profitable?

There are certain methods to select a popular event list below.

  1. Use proper keywords tools to find out which event get more traffic.
  2. Google Trends will help you in providing information about the topic which is trending.
  3. Forecast the future based on the previous data.

In third pint, for ex. if you happened to see the iPhone 6 Plus release then you can target iPhone 7 release event. In this case you can get great number of followers, likes and subscribers. So in this way based on the previous event you can forecast and you can try target those events to make profit. I’m not a fan of iPhone and this just an example.

List of Profitable Events

Here are the some of the important list of events which get huge traffic on the event days:

  • Happy New Year 2018
  • Halloween Day 2018
  • Valentine’s Day 2018
  • Independence Day 2018
  • Good Friday 2018
  • Father Day 2018
  • Mother Day 2018
  • Christmas Day 2018

Here are some of the important list of the events in a different categories:

  • Exam Result(Matric, FSC, DAE )
  • Festivals(Eid, Holi, Raksha Bandan)
  • Cricket (IPL etc.)
  • Fotball/FIFA
  • GOLF/F1
  • WorldCup Events
  • Thanks Giving
  • Black Day

Here are some of the extended list of the events in different categories:

  •  Product Launches (iPhone 6 plus releases, Windows 10 first look etc…)
  • Movies Releases (Collection, Release Date)
  • Game Launches
  • Politics/Electronics
  • Award Winners
  • Celebrity Events
  • New Episodes (Game of thrones/Big Boss etc…)
  • Book Releases (Harry potter, Twilight series)
  • Music Events

So these are all events which have huge number of searches and can generate massive amount of traffic on event day. You can target any event and rank it to display on the first page on the google. Take care of the copy right issues otherwise google will penalized your event niche blog, you can avoid your blog to  get google penalty by reading this post.

  • How to avoid event based niche by google penalty

So finally my suggestion is always try to target a event which have huge number of searches and ignore the competition because if any one search then chances are high to get traffic but if no one search about an event then traffic will be 0%. One you target right event and rank it appropriately then you get traffic which mean huge profit. That’s all from me thank u. Happy Event Niche Blogging.


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