UPress is wordpress themes specially designed for urdu bloggers. This is most awaiting theme for the paistan bloggers because its similar to popular urdu website urdupoint. Lot of users searching on urdupoint wordpress theme free download but nothing in hand.

Today I found on a website and decide to share to other peoples as well. So Upress wordpress is totally free for all of you. you can download it form here easily.

Other Awesome themes developed by me:

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  • Propakistani Blogger Template (Technology News )

How to start Urdu Blogging:

If any person start start urdu blogging then it can start using wordpress. WordPress is very easy CMS for newbies. You even not need to write single line of code every thing is provide by codex. Install wordpress and setup upress wp theme free. UPress theme is similar to urdupoint and you can start career with career in Urdu Blogging.  it helps to start urdu writing and sharing your latest news, information between the urdu users on the internet who know the Urdu language.

Many scribers of bloggingdoor demand to share this theme and also help to set on wordpress. Today we have sharing upress theme and also make a quick tutorials on UPress theme setup. This is amazing theme and have very much control on style of each post block.  Its designed very well so once user come on this site they surf lot on pages and you will earn by adsense.

Is Adsense safe with Urdu Sites.

This is big confusion or question and should be that “is adsense safe with urdu sites”. So answer is 90% and you can take example of urdupoint.com, express.pk and many other urdu sites. There is nothing in adsense Tos that adsense ads is prohibit on urdu sites. If adsense ads not allow other language its ads will not show up.

Remember adsense approval may be hard on urdu sites. So if you have adsense already then you go with that. But if you have authority news site then adsense can be approved on urdu sites as well. Pakistan adsense and USA Adsense both work very well on urdu site.

Remember: Urdu made website adsense cpc may be less as compared to other English version sites. Know most high cpc adsense keywords and niches category graph.

Tip:  If you want to know how to approve USA non hosted adsense and use while living in pakistan you can comment in discussion section below. I will told you or create separate post.

Bounus: If your english is not good and face difficulty to write blog post any nich like health then I’m giving to a secret tip to write blog post in professiol english. Serious it work for me last couple of years for quick writing on fiverr clients. Read my post on how to write free article with unique content in professional way.


How to drive huge traffic on Urdu sites?

Driving traffic on urdu websites is most difficult part but if you know the secret on to bring traffic on urdu blogs you will rock on. You may know that others big urdu sites bring 90% traffic from social media. Facebook post sharing is the main source of traffic estitmate 60% for most of Urdu Bloggers. Other 30 traffic come from twitter google groups and others social media sites. Theme have thumbnails setting to share thumbnails and link on facebook. Them is using integrated Facebook Opengraph API which corrects the post thumbnails will be used by Facebook.

How to Setup Upress Theme on wordpress?

UPress theme is very is easy to use just download here and upload on wordpress site. Go to theme settings panel where every thing is can be customize. You can customized homepage layout as they like and there are many new features are also added in this latest version.

   یو پریس تھیم یہاں سے ڈانلوڈ کریں۔

Please stay with us on this page because we will make a more posts on adsense approval, traffic driving and high cpc Methods. Comment for ask any question freely Thanks

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