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How To Write A Review? Explained 5 Tricks

Today’s writing review become the best sales trick online. Because before we buy anything on the internet, first we look for some real users review to look inside of the products or service. That’s why most of the webmasters using this tricky sales system to increase affiliate income and as well as sell own products.

In my earlier articles I have explained How to write SEO friendly Blog post, and here I am going to explain How to Properly write a review article that engage visitors and boost sales. Read on….

You may have noticed that there are 70% of blog accept paid reviews on their blog because advertisers utilize the power of review. If you can write review post on your blog often, You will see tons of traffic and affiliate commission. But here In this area you should be honest for long-term profit and visitor engagement otherwise your ending not so far!!

Here I have shared some tricky tips that will help you to write awesome review articles. But before I share these tips; I would like to share some important information that you should note:

  • There is no way to get a second chance for immoral. You must be honest, while writing review articles on your blog.
  • Don’t think twice to write negative review if the products is not worthy to your audience.
    Don’t forget to research first. As a successful reviewer, you must have to research before writing. In this way you will know others opinion about the products or service you are going to write about.
  • Allow your readers to share their own feedback. Don’t miss to utilize Feedback system. Visitor feedback makes your review article more useful for others to decide BUY or NOT.
  • Don’t just review affiliate products. You should write reviews about all the related products or service that matches with your blog topic.

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How To Write A Review Article

Here are the 5 tips that you should consider while write reviews on your blog.

Try Before You Write.

One of the most common mistakes reviewer make is They don’t try it yourself. If you have not tried these then how can you write the truth about the products or service? In general, people search for, review to learn what they will get inside the products or service. You should always try the products or service before writing on your blog.

Nowadays, most of the products and service offers free trial and money back guarantee. So you should take the trial and test the products or service yourself, then write what you have got. Don’t forget to take insider screenshot and video if possible and share that within your review article.

Otherwise, You can send a mail to the owner of the products or service; requesting a demo to write a review. Most of the time they will reply with demo access.

Don’t Just Write To Get Money.

One of the most important things you have to consider in order to produce really awesome reviews to your readers is Write all the related product review in our area instead of only the products or service that you are affiliated with. Once you have published all the related reviews on your blog then your blog reader can find the best that suited to their needs.

Don’t hesitate to write negative if the products or service not worthy for your audience. In this way you will get audience trust and they will most likely to buy if you recommend.

Don’t Forget Rich Snippet

It’s been long time Google has introduced Rich snippet. For better SEO benefits and Higher Click Through Rate in SERP you must utilize rich snippet. Actually search engines and peoples love to see more details on SERP. Rich snippet has lots of more information about your review page than normal one. With Rich snippet you can display star rating, price and reviewer on the search engine results page.

In the general Rich snippet works algorithmically by using microdata or RDFa. If you are on WordPress then I would like to recommend AuthorhReview by Hashem Zebida which allows you to insert Schema Markup on your review article and display star rating on search snippet.

Don’t Forget To Compare

What when your readers can’t decide which is the best suited to their needs? You must include a comparison chart with most relevant competitors of the products or service. If you do so; Then your audience can easily choose the best one from the crowd. Including a comparison chart is essential to write complete and awesome review article.

For better engagement and higher conversion rate, including a comparison chart with most relevant one or more is really so effective. Once you compare the products or service with most relevant one or more, You will see more visitor engagement and social share that will boost SEO level.

Everything Has Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons are a one of the most important parts of a good review article. You know that, every product comes with pros and cons. Don’t forget to include the pros and cons on your review. Try to note every single pros and cons of the products within the article. By producing the Pros and cons your readers will know the disadvantages and advantages. It will give a clear introduction to the audience. You know that everyone wants to know the disadvantages and advantages before buying.

Conclusion: Once you have followed above these instructions, You will see higher conversion rates, more sales and visitor engagement. Actually the main purpose of writing a review is helping others to find the best from the crowd. Don’t forget this that you are helping people. So honesty is the everything here. Don’t try to do anything that will break the audience trust.

Over To You…

Did you find this article useful or do you have something to share about this article? Please let me know your opinion and if you have anything to suggest to the readers of this page please use below the discussion box.

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